• Highway Infrastructure

    Annual expenditures for highway construction and maintenance in the US alone exceeds $200B, consumer vehicle sales exceed $400B, and 15% of average household income is spent on vehicle purchase, operation, and maintenance. The impact of highways on the national economy is indeed significant.
  • Highway Users

    Highway users, namely drivers, pedestrians and cyclists rely on road-side signage, pavement markings, and traffic control signals to get to their destinations safely and on predictable schedules.
  • Highway Technology

    Highway technology runs the gamut from infrastructure analysis/design and workflow automation tools; sensors and controllers; and communication and information management. It helps produce ride-able surfaces, connect destinations, detect vehicle presence, and facilitate vehicle to vehicle/infrastructure communication.
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  • Highway Engineering Services
  • Highway Technology Services
Engineering Design

Traffic signalization. Signing & marking.
Maintenance of traffic plans.

Condition Inspections

Inspection of traffic sign, signal, and light structures.
Inspection of storm-water management facilities.

Engineering Studies

Sidewalk feasibility. Rehabilitation alternatives.
Congestion mitigation. Pavement crack delineation.


CAD Standards.
CAD & GIS scripting.

Application Development

Desktop and Web
application development.

Off-the-Shelf Solutions

Permit tracking. Docket Display System.
SHA CAD standards for MicroStation CONNECT.