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Maryland State Highway Administration


TEDD Plan Locator is an intranet application built for the Traffic Engineering Design Division (TEDD) at Maryland SHA. The program interfaces to the scanned database archive of signal, signing, lighting, and pavement plans for construction projects so that Engineers, Contractors, Inspectors and Consultants may have easy access over the web.

Maryland State Highway Administration

ProjectWie - Content Management Solution

Bentley ProjectWise is the AEC content management solution for the engineering office. ProjectWise is designed to handle MicroStation DGN and AutoCAD DWG files, as well as other typical project file formats.

Maryland State Highway Administration

 Grant Management

The Grant Management System (GMS) helps an office responsible for managing projects funded by grants keep track of funds received, expressions of interest submitted by agencies, projects approved for funding, fund categories and account codes to be used to fund projects, activities performed, invoices received and vouchers processed for payment to grantees.

Maryland State Highway Administration

Project Development Process

The Office of Highway Development invested several years in writing and collating an engineering design process knowledge base to document the process for designing highways. RAM's role in the project was two-fold: We copyedited over 230 documents, and developed an intranet application to simplify access to this vast body of knowledge.

Maryland State Highway Administration


TSIIM is a spatial asset lifecycle data management system pre-configured for tracking inventory, inspection and maintenance attributes for traffic sign structures, high mast light poles, bridge mounted signs, and traffic signals.