RAM Consulting through it's subsidiary RCareā„¢ Solutions created the Docket Display System with feedback received from several state courts. The system addresses the court room assignments and changes in real life, eliminating the use of paper and old inefficient processes for directing the high volume of personnel moving through the courts at any given time.

The Docket Display System improves the productivity of court personnel by eliminating paper and automating the display of docket data from any case management system.

The Docket Display system eliminates unnecessary delays between case hearings and the need to answer the same questions repeatedly. The system keeps the docket and message board data current and updated in real-time.

The Docket Display can be changed on the fly with the Docket Editor and changes take effect instantly. The display can be configured to filter the docket data based upon time of day or room number and can be displayed on one monitor or a group of monitors each with its own configurable display filter.