As your firm soars to greater heights, you need its business development and service delivery systems to be aligned with corporate goals and customer needs. The faster the pace with which you grow, less the time you have in which to implement processes to keep its various systems aligned.

We use RCareTM Solutions that are built upon proven technology platforms, configured specifically for your industry segment (currently the A/E Industry), and combine them with cross-industry best practices in the delivery of our services. The solutions comprise of:

  • RCareTM Site
  • RCareTM CRM
  • RCareTM Issue-Tracker
  • RCareTM Web-TimeSheet
  • RCareTM Network
  • RCareTM Backup
  • RCareTM Setup for Google Apps
  • RCareTM Setup for Microsoft BPOS
  • RCareTM Setup for Peachtree
  • RCareTM CADD & BIM

Our SMB Technology Services focus on helping you:

  • Win Clients
  • Streamline Operations
  • Collaborate Globally

 We tap the diverse set of skills of our staff from across these disciplines to deliver our services:

  • IT Consultants skilled in network, database, and website administration
  • Corporate executives and Business development professionals with real-world experience in starting and growing companies
  • Experienced HR and Administrative staff

By allowing us to focus on technology platforms that underlie core business development and service delivery functions, we free you up to let you do what you do best: Deliver real value to your customers. Depending on the extent of your needs, we help you select just the right level of service appropriate for your business:

Submit the Contact Us form and request a one-on-one introductory online session to discover how RCareTM Solutions can support the growth of your business.

The focus of this service level is to help you project a professional online presence and to converge lead and opportunity tracking to serve business development goals; to monitor and maintain your technology infrastructure by implementing best practices to significantly reduce unplanned downtime; and to deliver online tools that help you collaborate with geographically dispersed team members and partners

In addition to all the services from the Silver level, the Gold level entitles you to discounts on services for our Premier solutions for project-based time tracking and HR/Admin process setup and delivery while delivering enhanced level of services for solutions delivered at the Silver level

This is our ultimate level that bundles all of our services and entitles you to the largest discounts on services that support our Premier solutions