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RAM's Permit Compliance System is a framework for building permit compliance systems quickly and cost effectively. If your department inspects construction activities for permit compliance with a need to keep permitting agencies who issued the permit be aware of non-compliance incidents, you will find that the Permit Compliance System makes your job of tracking and maintaining inspection data far more efficient while letting you be ahead of the curve in communicating with all stakeholders.

Banner image for Environmental Monitor's Toolkit

The Environmental Monitor's Toolkit, affectionately known as EM Toolkit, is an environmental permit compliance system that allows Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) and Maryland Transportation Authority (MdTA), both modals of Maryland DOT, to have their Project Managers, Agency Reviewers, and Environmental Monitors work in a collaborative, online environment.

  •  Project Managers set up projects and applicable permits, including review frequencies or milestone dates when the Environmental Monitor should review permit conditions.
  • Agency Reviewers have access to daily inspection and/or impact reports and receive notification when significant events occur onsite.
  • Environmental Monitors track issues and inspection events, attach documents, photographs, drawings and way-point files to inspections, and trigger notifications to project stakeholders when appropriate.

When construction project needs demand environmental monitoring, there is no better way to track and report on compliance than EM Toolkit. EM Toolkit provides password-protected access to real time data, allowing team members to see inspection reports immediately and share other environmental information related to projects. Configurable subscription and notification module provides email alerts when permit violations.

 Project managers can assign review frequencies for permit conditions, which are then automatically included in an inspection, ensuring that a condition is reviewed on a regular basis by the Environmental Monitor.

RAM's Permitting System is a framework for building permitting systems quickly and cost effectively. If your department is responsible for receiving permit applications, taking them through a review process, approving and issuing permits, tracking bonds, expirations and permit releases, you will find that the Permitting System makes your processes far more efficient and faster than home-grown applications written in Microsoft Access or Spreadsheets, and the like.

Banner image for the Mining Permit System

The Coal Mining Permits Section of the Bureau of Mines at the Maryland Department of Environment (MDE) commissioned us to replace their decade old Microsoft Access-based permitting database with an implementation of the Permitting System that is called the Mining Permit System. The system automate workflows associated with a mining permit application from application review and approval to bonding, coal production reports and payments, land reclamation, entity licensing and certification, and lands unsuitable petitions. The System generates the reports needed by state and federal agencies, including Regulation 8 reports, and any number of custom reports can be designed from the wealth of data tracked by the system.

 The user roles implemented in the System are customizable and can be configured to suit specific departmental needs:

  • Permitting Agent manages the input, review, and approval of mining permit applications. This role also tracks the receipt and approval of land reclamation reports, tonnage reports, and surcharge payments.
  • Bond Manager tracks the amount of bond required and posted for each Permit, including a checkbook-style ledger for bond instrument transactions.
  • Client Manager tracks the current status of licenses and certifications for mining operators, certified blasters, and other licensed entities.
  • System Administrator has full access to all screens and functionality.