The Department of Transportation (DOT) industry is LARGE and COMPLEX. The public infrastructure it manages includes:

  • Highways, Streets and Bridges
  • Rail and Transit Systems
  • Traffic and Toll Management Systems
  • Ports and Harbors
  • Canals and Waterways
  • Drainage Management Systems
  • Airports
  • Fuel Farms and Subsurface Utilities
  • Environmental Management Systems

 Engineers with subject matter expertise in numerous disciplines are needed to deliver solutions for transportation needs of humans in a civilized society. As our society has evolved and become more demanding of our time, the need for creative problem solving has come into sharper focus: whether in how we fund such projects, make them safer, or speed the public along on its way from point A to point B.


Our focus in this vast landscape is on SAFETY through traffic engineering and construction/structural inspections, and on EFFICIENCY through the development and implementation of tools and processes that combine deep understanding of transportation engineering and information technology.

We recognize that not all projects encounter the same challenges. Our team is equipped to address unknown and unexpected issues that may arise with projects, and respond to them in a timely manner with a solution crafted to fit the needs of the problem.

Our team is the go-to solutions expert for many DOT agencies due to our deep understanding across multiple departments in the transportation sector.

Through numerous solution options RAM Consulting is able to successfully combine engineering and technology solutions concentrated in the areas of software development, communication enterprise grade systems, custom applications and measuring data for goal metrics.