The Department of Transportation (DOT) industry is LARGE and COMPLEX. The public infrastructure it manages includes:

  • Highways, Streets and Bridges
  • Rail and Transit Systems
  • Traffic and Toll Management Systems
  • Ports and Harbors
  • Canals and Waterways
  • Drainage Management Systems
  • Airports
  • Fuel Farms and Subsurface Utilities
  • Environmental Management Systems

 Engineers with subject matter expertise in numerous disciplines are needed to deliver solutions for transportation needs of humans in a civilized society. As our society has evolved and become more demanding of our time, the need for creative problem solving has come into sharper focus: whether in how we fund such projects, make them safer, or speed the public along on its way from point A to point B.


Our focus in this vast landscape is on SAFETY through traffic engineering and construction/structural inspections, and on EFFICIENCY through the development and implementation of tools and processes that combine deep understanding of transportation engineering and information technology.