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When you swing right from the Executive Conference Center onto Babson College Drive, the buildings lining the street evoke curiosity. Many of the structures are traditional but have been enhanced and extended with modern architecture while some are modern from the core.

Hollister Hall hung glass and metal extensions from its traditional brick structure (left photograph above) to achieve a modern look. Olin Hall blends brick, concrete, metal and glass in unique ways (right photograph above) for a modern look.

However, when you go up the steps (left photograph above) and under the glass enclosed covered bridge and look back you may experience a sense of awe as you gaze at the glass encased wonder that is the Reynolds Student Center (center photograph above). As you walk away and along the walkway, up the series of steps that caress the patio garden with colorful chairs (right photograph above) and leads up to Map Hill Drive, take a moment and reflect on the vision. Was not the awesome vision built with familiar design principles and materials but used thoughtfully in new ways?

When you find yourself awestruck by how exciting and different the environment you're in is, reflect and you'll conclude that that environment is still founded on familiar timeless truths.