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Have you noticed that the Federal Highway Administration has issued updates to its Alternative Intersections Informational Report (AIIR) at a pace that is unprecedented for any other type of report it publishes on highway design topics?

There is a reason for that: the paper on the Diverging Diamond Interchange that was published by a University of Maryland graduate student at the annual Transportation Research Board in 2003! Yes, when a transportation engineering student publishes a paper that strips away the blinders an entire industry had worn as the given for two generations, does it not tell you that if all the minds in transportation adopted that same mindset that Gilbert had when he conceived of the concepts underlying the DDI that innovation in our industry would accelerate?

You too can have an impact on your profession, just like Gilbert Chlewicki, unbeknownst to him at the time, sparked the flame of innovation in the highway interchange/intersection design world. The Life and Career Blog series on this Website focuses on identifying and disseminating information on methods, resources and tools that can help you ignite creativity and kindle the flame of purposeful action in your professional endeavors.