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Maryland State Highway Administration

 EM Toolkit

The Environmental Monitor’s Toolkit, or EM Toolkit for short, helps permitting owner agency Project Managers, Agency Reviewers, and Environmental Monitors work in a collaborative, and online environment to track and enforce environmental permit compliance. Read more...

Maryland State Highway Administration

 Contract Tracking

Contract Tracking System (CTS) is a Web-based application that was designed and developed by RAM Consulting Corporation for Maryland SHA as a part of the IDS Initiative. Its purpose was to quicken the movement of A/E contract data from contract initiation, contract advertisement, contract award, task assignment, and the invoice receipt through project completion. After the IDS contract term was over in 2009, SHA decided to undertake the maintenance and upkeep of the software internally. Government budget cuts have prevented Maryland SHA from moving forward with anothe renewal term on its IDS contract.



Issue-Tracker is an online solution for posting and tracking application or project uses and requests. It is a customized version of an open-source solution and delivered as a hosted service. Users are able to post issues and track the progress made toward resolving them. Read more...

Housing Authority of Baltimore City

Energy Management

HABC had contracted with EnergyCAP, Inc., a Pennsylvania-based firm, for help in reducing its utility bills across its two dozen or so housing properties. Without an electronic system, it would be very difficult to track usage across individual units and across properties. EnergyCAP was chosen to help with that problem. EnergyCAP subcontracted a portion of the implementation work to RAM to help it quicken the software implementation process within the organization. After the implementation of the project was complete, RAM was asked to assist with the development of a Resident Web Interface to allow tenants to obtain their utility usage data with a relatively small lag in time than was possible otherwise.

Maryland State Highway Administration

Integrated Design System

The Integrated Design System (IDS) initiative at Maryland State Highway Administration started as a grassroots effort to help its design offices collaborate and improve productivity. We provided initial strategic planning services that resulted in an IDS Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan included the use of technology as a critical component in achieving the goas as quickly as possible. Maryland SHA hired RAM to help it accelerate the change designed to deliver better collaboration between its consulting engineering community and its design engineers; and to improve MicroStation CAD design productivity through the development of the next iteration of its CAD Standards. The collaboration between SHA and RAM resulted in numerous software applications. Maryland SHA's IDS initiative received the Federal Highway Administration's Trailblazer award in 2005.