Maryland State Highway Administration

Feature Search

The Feature Search tool brings the database of features at the engineer's fingertips in the CAD environment. It offers tools to set symbology attributes or to check conformance of a drawing to standards. CAD features refer to items a contractor will install during construction of an engineering project

Maryland State Highway Administration

Pavement Management System

The Goal of our Pavement Management Consulting Team is to provide analysis on the most economical pavement designs, maintenance practices, and construction procedures to ensure sustainability and safety of the Nation’s Highway and Roadway systems.

InterCounty Connector Project

 Project Filing System

The Project Filing System (PFS) is a web based application to track correspondence and other project data for the Inter County Connector. It is used to generate numerous sections of the DEIS and FEIS documents.

Maryland State Highway Administration

Property Notification System

Property Notification System is a Web-based application for generating notification letters to property owners about impending construction in their neighborhood. PNS allows project teams to reduce, if not eliminate, duplicate notices by implementing a consolidated repository of notices, notice dates, addresses, and projects.

Maryland State Highway Administration

 Mining Permit

The Environmental Monitor’s Toolkit, or EM Toolkit for short, helps permitting owner agency Project Managers, Agency Reviewers, and Environmental Monitors work in a collaborative, and online environment to track and enforce environmental permit compliance. Read more...