Maryland State Highway Administration

1... Prepare BMP Work Orders

In order to deliver on this task, we will:
- Coordinate with the WBCM/Dewberry Team and/or SHA to obtain as-built drawings and related reference materials, such as past inspection reports, for the assigned BMPs
- Review the previous BMP inspection notes and compile a list of issues that still may be relevant and in need of repair
- Review BMP locations on map and coordinate field trip
- Conduct fieldwork by taking pictures and notes for each BMP to identify the repair work each needs
- Develop draft of work order report for each BMP containing a description of repair work needed along with pictures and markups on scanned copies of plan drawings
- Prepare an engineer’s estimate and a typical section in CAD, if needed, for repair work
- PM review of package prior to submittal to WBCM/Dewberry

2... Prepare MOT Plans for SWM Facilities for PG108

The activities we have budgeted under this task consist of:
- Coordinate with the WBCM/Dewberry Team and/or SHA to obtain design files and related reference materials needed for our work
- Develop and review MOT concept for each of four sites with District Traffic Office
- Create pre-final MOT plans and submit for review
- Develop pre-final specifications and estimate and submit for review
- Incorporate feedback and submit final for incorporation into design package

3... US-50 & MD-202 Borings

Drill 4” dia holes in median on Rte 50, Anne Arundel County, MD. Subcontract with Dewberry, Baltimore, MD. Hand auger holes at specified locations, to a depth of 6 ft. and then measure depths of water: (a) after the hole was dug and (b) 24 hours later.

4... Outfall Assessment and Prioritization along MD 3 (Anne Arundel County)

Assess the condition of 15 SHA-owned outfalls in Anne Arundel County along MD 3 according to current SHA protocols and the Assessment Guidelines for Outfall Channels. The outfalls will be assessed and ranked to identify potential projects for outfall stabilization and to determine the level of stability of the outfalls. This is the first step in a process to provide final stabilization for all outfalls within the study area.


5... Bore Holes and Measure Water Depth Along I-70

using a power auger to bore 70 – 80 holes to determine water depth in highway median along I-70, west to east, to support the BMP design efforts in that area. This work is expected to be performed in a single phase.
RAM will work closely with your team in completing this assignment.
The activities we have budgeted under this task consist of:
- Coordinate with Dewberry Team to identify bore hole locations on map
- Markup bore hole locations in the field and coordinate tickets with Miss Utility
- Rent auger and bore holes and measure water depth for holes dug the previous day
- Measure water depth for last day borings, compile, check and submit measurement results