Maryland State Highway Administration

I-95 Welcome Center Truck Parking

The overall task involves the design of an expansion to the existing truck parking area at the Welcome Center located on I-95 just North of MD 216. As BAI’s MBE subconsultant, RAM Consulting Corporation (RAM) will be responsible for various plans to be combined into the PI (30%) plan submittal. The activity list in this fee proposal is organized by task:

Task 09 – Pavement Marking Plans
- RAM will prepare a pavement marking plan showing the location of truck parking and turning movements throughout the proposed area.

Task 10 – Maintenance of Traffic Plans
- RAM will prepare maintenance of traffic control plans (TCP) showing any lane and/or shoulder closures and the associated signing, pavement marking, or other devices that will be needed to control vehicular traffic during construction. The TCP’s will utilize Maryland SHA’s standard details for lane and shoulder construction. TCP’s will be prepared in accordance with MD MUTCD criteria. Temporary signing (type and size), barriers, channelizing devices, pavement markings, and shoulder/lane closures, flagperson, etc., will be depicted on the plans for each phase.

Task 11 – Construction Cost Estimate
- RAM will develop construction cost estimate for the Preliminary Investigation (30%) Review. Contingency factors will be provided as appropriate for the PI submittal.