Maryland State Highway Administration

Cataloging and Data QA for Drainage and SWM Assets

We provided data management and support services for drainage and stormwater management assets. The scope of our effort included the performance of quality assurance of existing drainage and storm water management data to support ongoing field data collection efforts statewide. We identified and catalogged such data from available information at SHA and/or County offices.

Our engineering staff confirmed existing storm water management (SWM) assets; acquired historical as-built information; and provided quality control activities for existing SWM assets. This work included the research of existing SWM assets and the compilation of information that may be found in existing documentation.

Activities undertaken to support the task included:

  • Review details of scope, county-wise priority, and any special needs;
  • Compilation of list of SWM assets in designated counties using the SHA eGIS program;
  • Acquisition of historical data and the performance of QA activities;
  • Development and submittal of spreadsheets containing results of the data quality assurance effort.