Maryland State Highway Administration

Develop Short-Term Freeway Improvement Concepts along US 301

As a member of the URS team, RAM will be responsible for approximately 20% of the work, both design and cost estimates, for the short-term freeway improvement concepts at street intersections along US 301 (Crain Highway) in Prince George’s and Charles Counties, Maryland. Short-term improvements are intended to provide additional capacity and immediate congestion relief. This will be done by:

1... Adding or extending turn lanes; Extending merge lanes; Adding through lanes; or
2... Eliminating side-street through movements to avoid split signal phasing.

The planning level improvement concepts and cost estimates will allow the SHA to rank the improvements based on a cost/benefit analysis of each one.
It is our understanding that the first set of US 301 concepts along with associated cost estimates are to be completed by April 1, 2015.