Maryland State Highway Administration

Preparation of Work Orders for 35 BMPs

Task 01:  Preparation of Work Orders for 35 BMPs

Project Description:
In accordance with the NPDES permit, SHA inspects and maintains its SWM facilities statewide. In support of this task, RAM Consulting Corporation (RAM) will inspect and prepare maintenance work orders for 35 BMP facilities.

Scope of Services:
RAM will work with the Dewberry team in completing this assignment. Under this task, RAM will be responsible for delivering Work Orders for the assigned facilities. The activities to be performed for this task are:

1... Office Planning – RAM will obtain and review as-built drawings and related reference material provided by Dewberry and/or SHA
2... Field investigation – a two-person team will review locations on a map, coordinate and conduct site visits to each BMP facility for assessment.
3... Facility Assessment and Recommendations – the assessment team will perform office evaluation of each site to determine the best, most cost-effective method for restoring the BMPs to their original design function.
4... Prepare Work Orders – develop work order report for each BMP containing a description of repair work needed along with photographs, a cost estimate, markups on scanned copies of plan drawings, and typical sections in CAD if needed.
5... QA/QC – Review and revise as needed.