Virginia Department of Transportation

As-Built Plans Preparation Process

1... VDOT Project 0095-96A-104, C-502 [I-95 Advanced ITS & HM Lighting Project]

2... VDOT Project 0095-100-104, C-511; 0095-96A-106, C504 [Washington St over I-95 (Rte 1 Tie-In)]

3... VDOT Project 0095-029-F20, C-505 [I-95/ I-395/ I-495 Interchange]

4... VDOT Contract ID C00018136C01 [Initiate As-Built Plans and Geographic Information System (GIS)]

5... VDOT Project 0095-96A-I05 [K-95 Interchange - As-Built Plans, Review Draft]