Maryland State Highway Administration

Update SWAMP Geo-Database to link Access Permit asset documents

Task 05 Item 6: – Update SWAMP geodatabase to link Access Permit asset documents Contract BCS 2011-09K, Highway Engineering Services, Statewide
- The overall task involves the scanning, field verification, document development, and updates to HHD’s SWAMP geodatabase to add approved Access Permit storm water and drainage assets that lie in the SHA right-of-way. As WTBCO’s MBE sub-consultant, RAM Consulting Corporation (RAM) will be responsible
for enhancing its SWAMP geodatabase update procedures that append new asset records and link documents to them.

Task 05 (Scope Items 4-7): Review Plans, Field Verify and Add Assets
- The overall task involves scanning and cataloging of storm water management plans; collation and storage of plans in ProjectWise; plan review and mining of data for relevant assets; field verification of asset presence and location; version-controlled update of assets to geodatabase; linking of plans and documents to relevant assets; coordination and revisions to data per feedback. As a member of WTBCO’s team, RAM will be responsible for all aspects of the sites (37 assumed) assigned to it.